Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I got the itch to write out my thoughts about Abby turning 5.  I found myself reminiscing into this little collection of words and feelings about my beautiful girl. 

I remember.

I remember sitting in your quiet room
feeling you kick
Rocking and humming softly 
eagerly yet patiently awaiting you.

I remember seeing you, through blurry tears
Softer than I'd imagined, and smaller.
My heart grew straight to yours.
You were perfection.

I remember watching you sleep in my arms
Staying still while my heart pounded with emotion.
Your smiles shooting like electricity through me
and causing happy tears to spill.

I remember watching you look for me. 
There I am, and you smile.
I'm gone and you search
I'm back! You squeal with laughter. 

I remember that first food
I remember that first tooth
I remember that first step
I remember that first word

I remember seeing your world expand
Your curiosity endless.
We explored and learned together
My pride found new depth

I remember your first questions
and learning to sing
Counting, coloring, running

I remember the first "I love you, mama"
We were in the kitchen. 

I remember you kissing my belly
And sharing toys with your unborn sister.
I watched you see her for the first time
My heart grew again.

I remember every cut and hurt
I've kissed magic healing into so many
Your tear stained toddler cheeks
always begged me to kiss them dry.

I remember you changing
Your vocabulary, bigger 
Your face, thinner
But your lip still curls when you laugh

I remember watching you go to school
I could feel your heart racing in mine. 
Your hand squeezed mine and you were excited and scared
Then you let go

And I watched you walk into childhood.

And I've watched you blossom
And I've watched you grow
And I've watched how clever you've become
You're so very clever. And compassionate. 

I've watched your hair grow long
And your clothes get too small, again.
You like to crack eggs by yourself
And you can spell.  And text.

You like anything blue
You can finish any puzzle. 
You love art and animals and glitter
You are becoming you.

You ask me big questions now
Because you're so big.

And I do the best I can.

I remember when you turned 5.
The years have passed so fast
I look at you and am in awe
You are perfection.
Remember that.