Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Whole Year














Happy Birthday sweet baby of mine.  It's been quite the year.

We celebrated your birthday in Arkansas last week with several family and friends.  You weren't too sure of the whole situation and preferred to be on my hip most of the time.  But, we had a good time and it was lovely to see everyone.

On Tuesday we had our playgroup over to the house to celebrate with "your" friends.  You were much happier during that party - or more comfortable perhaps.  We had more fun playing and eating and there was more cake and more ice cream.

Yesterday was your actual birthday (and also when I started this post).  It was a pretty normal day for us- you didn't seem to be feeling well.  But, we did go shopping and got a new car seat.  Your sister thought you wanted Chipotle for dinner, and you seemed to be happy with that decision.

Since we've been back from Arkansas, you've been sleeping very late.  I think you may be a little sick, actually.  Or maybe you just really missed sleeping in your crib.  I've been putting you down around 7:30 and you slept in till 10:30 yesterday.  Goodness.  On top of that, you've been taking 2-3 hour naps in the afternoon.  Maybe you're just getting ready to walk, sprout teeth, and shoot up a few inches all at once.  Who knows.  You're still very happy.

One of the things I've been worrying about recently is how to wean you off of your nap and bedtime bottles.  You've always had a bottle before you sleep.  I was devising plans of gradually fading out the bottle when, one day, you were just done.  While we were in Arkansas, you just stopped wanting bottles before bed.  Our bedtime routine now consists of diaper change, Pjs, books, I rock you for a few seconds and put you in bed.  You are making this incredibly easy.  Too easy, perhaps.

You have your 1-year check up tomorrow, so I'll find out your official stats then.  We moved you up to size 4 diapers last week, you wear mostly 12 month clothing.  I'd guess you're about 50%tile for weight and height.  Sometimes people tell me that you're tall...but I think you're probably right in the middle of the road.

You look more like me than your sister did at this age.  It's a little odd when I can see myself in you.  More often, I think you look like my brother...but he and I look similar, so by default, I suppose you do look a bit like me.  You have the same cheekbones that do this dimple thing by your eyes like mine do.

You're a lot of fun.  And you're funny, too.  You're not really walking for transit yet- but boy do you LOVE to stand.  Especially on soft surfaces like a bed, chair, or couch.  And every time you stand, two things happen, 1) you give a triumphant yell as if to say "HEY!  Look at me!  I'm Awesome!"  and 2) Abby jumps around you in circles and claps and screams "EEE!  Look at E!  She's Standing! YAY!"

it's all very exciting.

As long as you're hungry, I think you'll eat most anything. You love blueberries - just like your sister did.  you really like green beans with italian dressing on them too.  You like anything you can feed yourself.

Your eyes are still that color we lovingly call "lake-water"  They're more brown than before, perhaps, but they still have shades of grey and blue and green depending on the lighting around you.  You have, I think, 6 teeth.

You love to climb and are constantly testing things to see exactly what their climbing potential is.  You're not afraid of anything except the vacuum...and strangers I suppose.

You say Mama and Dada and you can mimic sounds pretty well.  You're pretty close to saying cat.  I swear you sing along to the Doc McStuffin's theme song when Abby is watching it.  Seriously, I should video it.

You are my little lizzie mae.  You are so sweet and you are becoming more and more a little person - which is fun.  On one hand, I could say Wow, I can't believe it's been a year, where has my baby gone?
But really?  I like you at this age, and I can't wait to see you grow a little more.  The first year is awesome, but I think the 2nd year is just amazing and I'm excited for it.

I love you so much.  Your daddy does too, and Abby probably gives us both a run for our money with how much she adores you.  You are a lucky little lady, Miss E.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I've been in a blog funk lately, as if you couldn't tell.  I'm not sure why, really.  Maybe it's because of some technical problems with my email, which means it was hard to get pics on the computer, which made blogging "an ordeal"  which, in turn, made it sound like work.  I don't know if that's it exactly - but I think somewhere, this became work instead of my way of relaxing.

This happens periodically - I need to remember that every post doesn't have to be long and meaningful - it's ok just to document little moments.  I'll try to do that.

But, without further ado.  This blog post is about a picnic.

Me and the girls are in AR - staying with my parents for a few days until we move up to Conway to get ready for Briana's wedding :)  Kyle gets in 4 or 5 days from now.  So, it's been nice to just hang with the rents...and fam.

Yesterday, Michael took us to his favorite picnic spot and we had ourselves a nice time - The day was just about as perfect as it could be.  Sunny, but with some clouds, warm, but not hot - humid, but not too humid.  Just really nice.  The girls had fun crawling and running and playing.  We explored and chased and tickled and took pictures.  Other than a brief run in with a pile of fire ants (E's hand was the only victim) - it was pretty perfect.  I took a lot of photos (shocker)  and here are a few of my faves.

thanks michael, for the nice afternoon.

(aaaaaand it just took me an hour to download two pics, so that's all for this post after all!)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

my little chef

I'm having technical difficulties with my email.  So, I don't have all of the pictures on my computer that I wanted to share.  But these will do. :)

We had a nice time this morning making pretzels.  Abby just loves helping in the kitchen, and she's pretty good at it now.  We made salt pretzels and cinnamon ones.  We talked about how they look like praying arms and we made a few crosses too.  It was a nice way to tie a craft into Easter.  

More later, I'm exhausted at the moment and I've gotta wait for the Easter bunny to get here. 

post it note

Hi blog,

Just wanted to say that I haven't forgotten you.  Tomorrow is Easter and me and the girls have a few projects on our list today.  Should be fun.

I have a bunch of pictures to dump off my phone as well - I need to get on that.

And I should update about these girls - they're so silly and growing big.

So, this post is my way of reminding myself to update later.  Silly, I know.

Happy Saturday.