Saturday, February 23, 2013

iPhone pics

"Mommy, will you cuddle on the couch with me and eat cookies?"

Nursery light

Coke. Glass bottle.

Coffee date

Morning pancakes

Abby's new clock- she likes to bring it places.

Abs made me a thermostat to show me it was cold.

Bucket E

Go-go E

Playing with trains

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E was sick the other night.  I think it's the first time she's really been sick like that?  It was definitely the most toddler vomit I've had to deal with in a long time.  Gross.

So - I was keeping her up past bedtime to watch her.  She was sick every 30 mins or so, almost like clockwork.  Luckily, in between, she was happy and cheerful.  Not quite old enough to grasp that she was sick.  After throwing up, she would say "I don't wike it" or "I don't want to"

At one point, we are playing on her floor - where I'd spread some towels.  She and I rolled over and laid on our backs and looked up at the ceiling.  She points to the ceiling and says,

E: "cwowds"
Me: "clouds?"
E: "yes.  I see cwowds.  see?"
Me: "Oh, I do see."
E: "and de moon.  It big!"
Me: "It is a big moon - is it bright?"
E: "Yes.  And der's sun!  And an a-pane!  I wike a-panes"
Me: "Goodness.  Clouds, moon, sun AND airplaines?"
E: "Yes.  I wike it."

Last night, as I was putting her to bed - I put her down in her crib and she rolled over and pointed to the ceiling again.

E: "Cwowds, mum!"
Me: "Do you see clouds?  Are they white?"
E: "No.  Dey Gween."
Me: "Green clouds, huh?"
E: "No.  No Gween.  Dey Oranche.  I wike it.  I wike oranche cwowds"
Me: "Do you see the moon up there, too?"
E: "No.  Yes.  Big moon and oranche cwowds."
Me: "that sounds nice"
E: "night-night mum.  I wuv you.  I wuv you.  I wuv you and I wuv oranche cwowds"

She's growing up so quickly, and its a lot of fun to watch.

Monday, February 11, 2013

photo shoot - A&E

I'm home on another snow day after Blizzard Nemo dumped over 2ft of snow on our world over the weekend.  More on the blizzard later.

I took the opportunity at home to actually take pictures of my girls.  I got more of Abby as this was during E's naptime...but it was fun.  I can't remember the last time I just took pictures of them just because.  I should definitely do it more often.  Besides preserving these fragile and fleeting moments of their youth - it was just a fun activity for all of us.  I apologize if the quality is off.  These have been compressed a few times to get here.

My girls.


sometimes I just can't choose between color and b&w

this is what they did when I told them to sit down

this is her real laugh