Saturday, March 30, 2013

Phone pics

Random phone pics.

Cheesecake date with Papa in town

Abby's dry erase drawing - A clown and his dog

Our attempt at bunny rolls that looked more like pickachu

bunk beds

Abby & Ava - girls night playdate

E the decorator

playing possum while I wait for her to fall asleep on night 1 of operation big-girl bed

tuckered out after the first day playing outside.

feeding the geese


signs of spring

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bunk beds and spring

I think today is the first day that we've gotten into the 50s this year.  It is a beautiful day.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the birds are singing - and it's Saturday.  There is so much to love.  For reasons I haven't been able to figure out - this winter was particularly hard on me.  And really, not even the whole winter - but the past 6 weeks or so have been blah.  So, this?  This sunshine?  It is soul-nourishing.

I'm such a solar powered person.  I'm up with the sun and I fade fast after it's down.  As I stood outside today, with my face towards the sky - I felt like a little battery who had been lost in the couch cushions, but found, and placed back on the charger.

Kyle and I took the girls out for a walk - the first family walk of the year.  We got starbucks, then walked around the lake.  We stopped for a snack picnic lunch and illegally fed the geese and ducks a few crackers.  Well, E threw her entire sandwhich into the water before we could stop her.  There is something about watching geese eat turkey that is just wrong.

Both girls fell asleep in the stroller on the way home.  They are not used to that much physical activity and sunshine.  It's gonna take some practice to get their endurance back up.

We came home and Kyle whisked E away for her nap - this is day 2 of her napping in her big girl bed - the bottom bunk of the new bunk bed set.  We've had the beds up for a week and Abby has loved sleeping on top.  Yesterday was day 1 of moving E over.  We put her down for nap yesterday and I listened by the monitor for signs that she was getting out of bed.  I think she slept, I'm pretty sure she did.  She was quiet for about an hour and then I heard the faintest noise on the monitor.  Then, I heard a door close upstairs. I asked Kyle if he heard E and his response was, "Well, somebody has been playing harmonica up there..."  lol  E had snuck out of bed without me hearing her, and once she was out of her room, she was playing in all the other rooms.  But, I still think she slept a little.

Last night was E's first attempt at the big girl bed for overnight.  Overall, it went pretty well. We put them to bed and I listened on the monitor as the girls said goodnight to each other 100 million times.  Then, Abby got out of bed in order to tend to E.  She re-tucked her, traded animals, asked her if she wanted a story, (ironically) reminded her the rules about staying in bed, etc.  They were both chatty and After about 20 mins, E got out of bed and I intercepted her in the hall.

Back to bed.

I sat in the room with them for about 20 mins or so until I was sure they were both asleep.  The moment I closed the door, E shouts "NIGHT NIGHT MOM!"  The little thing had been perfectly still the entire time I was sitting in the room....just playing possum.  After I left, E tried talking to Abby some more - but Abs was out.  So, it didn't take too long for E to follow suit. All in all, I think they were both asleep by 8:30.  They both slept all night and E didn't get out.  Then they woke up at 5am.  Normally, either of them would have fallen back asleep - but the excitement of a new room and a new roomate made that impossible.  By 5:20, Abby was telling me that "Mom, E just won't stop playing, even though the 6 hasn't come yet"  That's our rule - you stay in bed until the 6.

Well, they weren't going back to sleep, so I sat in their room and let them play, and when 6am rolled around, I released them downstairs.

So - night 1 - not so bad.

I spent most of this morning relocating all of E's clothes into Abby's room, sorting through old baby clothes to decide what to keep and what to get rid of...this nice sunny day has me in the mood for spring cleaning I think.  Oh, and Easter is better time for a clean house and new beginnings than Easter. :)

Speaking of which  - I should start prepping for that too.  I'll upload some phone pics in a sec.

Monday, March 25, 2013

the girls

Abby was sick on Wed night and Thursday.  Poor thing.  I haven't seen her that lethargic in a really long time.  She threw up all night and just stayed on the couch most of the day.  Luckily, things were pretty short lived and by Thursday evening, she was playing some.  I, in turn, started to feel bad on Thursday afternoon and was sick on Friday.  No fun.  Again though, I'll be thankful that I was feeling better by the weekend.

I managed to get the girls' bunk beds put up on Saturday.  It wasn't a complicated process, but it took several hours to finish. I was sad to see Abby's bed go - I really like her bed.  When it was time for Abby to move out of the crib, I searched and searched for months for a dark wooden bed with character for her.  When I finally found hers, I was so pleased.  It came from a woman who bought and resold furniture from estate sales.  I wish I knew the history behind the bed, but I was happy just knowing that it had a history at all.

But, I had to take it down and replace it with a brand new out of the box bed from wal-mart of all places.

I would have loved to get her a "cool" bed.  One with a slide or a tent or with beautiful spindle posts.  But - her room is small and my budget is smaller.  So, we went with something that looks nice enough and seems sturdy.

Abby is over the moon about it.  It is still very new and fun for her.  We haven't moved E into the room yet - but probably will in the next week or so.  Last night E asked me if she could sleep in it.  "I sweep in babby's room?  In babby's bed? I sweep in buck-bed?  Pwease?"  It was too cute.  I think E will do fine with the transition, but I'm bracing myself in case it takes longer than anticipated.

a few things not to forget...

The other morning, I went in to get E out of the crib and she was laying on her back.  As I leaned over the rail, she stuck her arm straight up as if to shake my hand.  When I took her hand she said, "peace, mom"  Just like when we shake hands and say peace in church.  Made me laugh.

E has the most cheerful "no thanks" ever.  And she says it for everything.
Me: "Hey E, put on your boots"
E: "Ummmmmm......No thanks! :) "

Somebody once told me that some study found that kids officially lose their "cuteness" at age 4.5.  That is when they start becoming kids....according to this study.  As Abby approaches that mark, I find myself noticing changes in her too.  I still think she's awfully cute, of course - but there is no denying that she is changing.  She is less and less toddler and more big kid.  Her face continues to lose it's roundness and her legs are getting longer.  Her mannerisms and language are so grown up sometimes....and yet so young too.

She is SO good with Elizabeth.  So so so so so so good.  In fact, I'm certain E sees Abby as much as an authority figure in some ways as she does me or Kyle.  She goes to Abby for help, she follows Abby's directions.  When I need help convincing E that it really IS time to go to bed - Abby is always right there to help me in the way only a sister can.

The other day, Abby put E down for naptime.  I was working on the bunk bed and we were running behind schedule.  On her own, Abby took E into E's room, helped her change clothes, put a pillow on the floor and had E lay down.  She covered E with a blanket (and put earphones on her, lol) and gave her several stuffed animals to hold.  And while E was laying on the floor all snuggled up - Abby sat in the glider and read her stories.  I came in and was amused.  I put E into the crib - but Abby asked if she could "PLEASE" just read E one more story and sing her one more lullaby.  So, I said ok.  Abby "read" her a book, sang her a song, said goodnight, and closed the door.  Then came to tell me that E was napping now.

Such the little mommy.

Time flies, huh?

There are more little things I want to document, but I need to get on to the next thing for right now.  I'll try to get some real pictures up of the new beds sometime.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm not in a particularly good mood right now.

I'm waiting at the doctor's office after a blood draw until I can get my rhogam shot in an hour.  There's another lady across the room from me who is a few weeks behind me in her pregnancy - but she looks like a pencil.  She's one of *those* types.

I'm tired.  Some weird leg pains kept me up last night - until Abby started throwing up - then that kept me up.  My throat hurts and my stomach is unsettled.  I don't think I'm sick like Abby - I think I shouldn't have had that donut for breakfast.  Unsettled nonetheless.  And tired.

I'd rather be home for sure.

But, after this, I have to make a special trip across town to see a kid who was absent yesterday when I needed to see him.  It'll be fine...but, y'know...I'd rather be home.  I'm gonna have to stop and get gas on the way.

I've been thinking, and while March does have a few redeeming qualities - mostly in the form of St. Patrick's Day - the rest of the month doesn't do much for me.  I've thought about declaring it my least favorite month of the year....but because I over-personify everything...I don't want to hurt March's feelings.  It's not like it *asked* to be the one between Feb and April. Just bad luck.

The month starts off with a sad anniversary for us.  We remember Ouma daily - but the actual day left me feeling more than I had anticipated.  I was glad when it was over.  All during February - you look forward to March because it seems to mark the point where things will start getting better - warmer, sunnier, spring-ier.  But, that's just not true.  March is still cold and snowy and rainy and slushy and grey and wintery.  Just like Feb.  Except, in Feb - you expect that and in March - it's like a little let down everyday.

I'm being overdramatic.  Remember, I've not slept and I don't feel well.  Just roll with it.

I'm ready for spring.  I need sun and warmer temps and I want the snow gone.  I'm done with it.  The winter is wearing on me.

Abby is sick - she's very pitiful.  I want to be home with her right now, rubbing her back, stroking her hair, and loving her.  This is one of those - admittedly rare - days where I wish I weren't a working mom.  Also - I kinda wish I were home resting and having someone take care of me.  I think my stomach is feeling worse.

Tomorrow will be better.  It always is.  And I have so many good things around me that it's not really fair for me to spend so much energy complaining.  But, it felt good to get that out anyway.

Sorry I've been so MIA yet again.  I sit down to write on occasion and just don't know where to start, or how to start, or I fall asleep before I start.  I'll try to be better for April.