Friday, September 30, 2011

sister sweet

I love my kids, and my kids love me.  But, I play second fiddle when they are around each other.

Abby is, hands down, E's favorite person on earth....and Abby is pa-reety fond of E too.  It's awesome.

Kyle and I were talking about this yesterday.  About how lucky we've been that Abby adjusted to sisterhood so well.  Did she show signs of regression?  Sure, but mild ones.  She wanted to be swaddled, she wanted a paci, she wanted to be rocked...that kind of thing.  I can honestly say that she has not shown one second of aggression or anger towards E since day one.

She has been annoyed with her before - we occasionally get a, "Mommy, E-train is too loud!" when she's crying in the car or something.  But 99% of the time, Abby steps up to help.  When we're driving somewhere, and E starts to fuss, Abby will hold her hand and say in her high pitched baby-voice "It's ok Ewizabeff, don't cry, we're almost home, it's ok, you want a song? Ok.  I'll sing one for you"  Abby recites her lullabies or makes funny faces or weird noises to help distract E.  Sometimes she tries to bounce/shake the car seat to soothe her, she gives her toys, strokes her head, sings songs...she sings lots of songs.

Abby is very protective of E too.  If she's sleeping, Abby will be the first to tell you "We have to be quiet! Don't wake up E!  She's sleeping.  Shhhhh!" But - the second we hear that she's awake?  Abby jumps up, stops whatever she's doing and said "E-train's awake! Can I go see her??"  Then she runs upstairs, into her room, and peers between the crib slats at her and usually says something like an exaggerated "Gooood Mooooooorning E! Did you have a good sleep? Huh? Didya?"  And of course, E just stares at her and grins the biggest grin she can manage.

They love each other, and I'm so thankful for that.  This age is so sweet.

Anytime we hold E up so that she's eye-level with Abby - she laughs.  Like big belly laughs.  Her favorite is when I'm holding her going down the stairs and Abby is coming down behind us.  It allows them to be nearly eye level.  Abby makes faces at her and empty threats like, "I'm gonna eat you! I'm gonna catch you! Here I come!"  And E just laughs and laughs and laughs.

And on a related note, Abby is a super helper.  Like seriously.  I love that I can ask her, "Abby, can you go downstairs and look for E's paci - I don't know where it is, but it might be by the couch"  Abby will say "ok!" and come back with it.  She loooooves to help hold E's bottle and to get us diapers or burp cloths or things.  She likes to "share" toys with E by putting them on her chest or next to her.

Oh, and another favorite thing of Abby's is dancing for E.  She loves to play music and dance to make E laugh.  E loves it too.  And so do I.

There is just something so perfect about watching them together.  Abby was born to be a sister, it's so obvious.  And I know things will change.  E will eventually start toppling Abby's perfectly built towers or rearranging her most recent organization project and Abby will flip and yell and cry and probably hit  and kick.  I know.  And one day E will come running to me with big tears running down her face because Abby wouldn't let her play with her.  And that's all well and good too.  It's the way things have been since time began I imagine.

But for now?  They show nothing but sweetness, and it never ceases to amaze me just how much they really truly love each other.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the 25th

So this past Sunday was a fun day for us.  It was Brittany's birthday, and she shared it with E turning 5 months old.  It's only normal that Brittany would share her day.  It was, of course, her twin sister's birthday and her dad's as well.  The 25th is a big day in this family.  ;)

We started the day with a mini breakfast party for Brit.  We went with a rock star theme, because we think  We had banana nut muffins and coffee, opened presents and sang Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.  It was fun...and, well, I love any excuse to decorate and celebrate.  Matching napkins and plates?  I'm in. 

After our breakfast party, we all got ready and went to church.  E was fussy the whole time (she was battling the runny nose thing) and I spent a lot of the service just walking with her downstairs. After church, we made a quick trip to whole foods to grab some stuff to share at the annual church picnic.  How nice of them to have a party just for Brit and E! ;)

The picnic was nice.  It was unseasonably warm and humid, but we survived.  We all ate some yummy food and then ate some more food.  Abby danced her heart out and attempted to play "Jolly-ball" with some girls who set up a net.  They were sweet and let her play for a bit.  I taught Abby how to roll down a grass hill - and that was fun. 

Abs was a dirty, sweaty mess by the end of it.  We kept waiting around to see if they were going to do pony rides again this year, but we gave up and left.  On the way to the car, we found they'd brought a fire truck for the kids to explore.  Abby was equal parts interested and intimidated.  She was happy to touch it and she even wore the big heavy fireman's hat, but she refused to explore the inside, stating "No no no! This one is too big!  We just need a small firetruck for me!"  

We got in the car and as we were leaving the church - we saw that the ponies HAD come.  Well, Abby saw them and she said in her sweetest honey-dripped voice "Daddy!  Please can I ride the pony, Pleeeeeaaaase????"  So, yeah.  

We waited in line forever and a day.  They were the same two ponies they had last year.  A big one and a small one.  Well, Abby declared she only wanted to ride the big one (just like every other little girl in line).  So, we waited and waited.  Eventually, the little pony had no more takers - so we let E jump up there.  

here's Abs on the same horse last year :)
funny, no?

Shortly after, it was Abby's turn, and she was just SO pleased.

She was really sad to leave.  She kept asking if we could do it again, and we really could have let her - but we'd been there for an hour or so AFTER we'd decided to leave and it was well past naptime.  Plus, it was hot.  Well, she just cried and begged and cried, "Pwease, I want to wide the pony again! Pwease!"  Sigh.  

The rest of the day was just us relaxing and working around the house on stuff.  It was a good day, and I was happy that we got to celebrate Brit's birthday with her in person. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The vineyard

Sooo, it's a week late.  Sorry 'bout that.

Last weekend, Brittany and I took the girls down to the cape and to Martha's Vineyard.  I'd bought a groupon thing for ferry tickets and it was the last weekend we were going to be able to go.  So, off we went.

We left the house around 7am and drove the nearly 2 hours to get to the cape.  The girls did great in the car and it was an easy drive.  We got there, parked, and got on the Ferry - which was kinda cool.  Abby was excited about the boat.  She knew we were going on a boat to go ride a carousel, and that's all she really cared about.  The boat ride was about 90 mins and the girls did well on it as well.  The only mishap was when we failed to hear the announcement about covering the children's ears when the blew the boat horn....and we were sitting right under the horn.  So, that went over like a (screaming) lead balloon.

We got to the vineyard and started to walk around.  They were having a festival that day, so it was nice that all the shops pretty much had their booths set up outside.  We walked around, browsed, and went to ride the carousel.

The Flying Horse Carousel is the oldest platform carousel in the country.  It was pretty cool.  They have these little wooden arms full of metal rings that you try to grab as you pass.  If you grab a brass ring, you get a free ride.  Abby and I just had fun grabbing rings.  At first Abby didn't want to ride it, and then she ended up having fun (of course)  But at the end, she said she was done.

So, we went on our way.  We ate lunch and found live music and Abby danced all day long.  We found this pink whale mascot for the Vineyard Vines store.  Great store, cute clothes, iconic island feel....but at $38 for a toddler's T-shirt?  We didn't stay too long.  Nevertheless, their Mascot rocked, and Abby was enthalled.  She just kept hugging him and kissing him and holding his fin.  It was cute.

Eventually the whale took a break and we were able to pull Abby away.  She danced some more, we shopped some, and then we all took a few more carousel rides.  Even E got to ride it!  Her first one!  But, I didn't get any pictures of that.  :-/

Right before we got on the carousel for the last time, we ran and got ice cream and played in an arcade, where we introduced Abby to the concept of tokens and tickets.  She was happy with that idea.  She ended up winning enough tickets for a Hacky Sack and a Tootsie-pop. 

We got back on the boat with only a few minutes to spare before it's departure.  Abby was exhausted.  Tired.  And More Exhausted.  And then she remembered the scary boat horn.  Thus, this:

But as soon as it was over?  She all but begged to be put to bed.  I love this picture, mostly because she's still holding her sucker.  She slept that way for over an hour.

Here's a picture of E, because she got a bit neglected on the camera front. 

We got back to land, picked up some fast food and drove home.  The girls did Great on the way home too.  We were all worn out, but it was a really great trip and now I can mark that off of my list of "things to do in New England"

Friday, September 23, 2011

bullet points

Yeah - same song over here I'm afraid.  Busy busy, no time, blah blah blah.  So - a bullet list is the best I can put together at the moment.  Let's go!

*  Elizabeth is on formula now.  I'm still nursing her once or twice a day, but all of her real meals now come from a can.  This was really kinda hard on me.  I'd worked pretty darn hard to turn us around from pumping all the time in the beginning to nursing all the time.  But, once I went back to work - I just didn't have it in me to work as hard as I would have had to work to keep it up.  I am happy that we are still able to nurse at least once a day for the time being.  When I went to go buy our first can of formula - I stood in the aisle for too long trying not to cry.  I wish I could end nursing on my terms instead of struggling with supply issues and underweight kiddos, but alas.  Cognitively, I know it's for the better - but emotionally?  It's hard to admit to yourself that you're just not enough anymore.

*  Related.  Elizabeth is no longer a little underweight string bean.  Well, I mean, she's still really long - but as soon as we started, she rounded right out.  Her cheeks are round now and her little belly sticks out so that it's not quite as easy for her to chew on her toes as it used to be.  Our doctor told us we could bring her in for a weight check anytime we wanted - but it is so obvious that she's a little chunk now - that I'm not at all worried.  Shocker - you feed your kid more food and they get bigger.

*  Elizabeth is doing well.  I feel like I don't blog about her very often.  Mostly because she still doesn't *DO* a ton yet - but she's getting more fun.  Her head control is pretty good now, she can grab things and put them to her mouth, she can roll from tummy to back - although she prefers to roll 1/2 over and just stay on her side.  She laughs and giggles and GRINS.  Oh, she's got such a grin.  It is her single best defense.  No matter how little sleep I got, no matter how bitter I am about it - when she looks at me and does that sparkly-eye grin.  I can't help but smile back and pretend to eat her. Gah.

*  Sleep. Really, E is doing fine.  She generally wakes up once a night.  Sometimes twice.  The problem is when the timing is such that she wakes up close to 5 and wants to be up for the day.  E is not sleeping as well as Abby did at this age by a LONG shot.  But, you know what?  I feel like her sleep is directly proportional to the amount of effort that WE put into it.  With Abby?  Kyle and I had a very strict bedtime routine.  She was down by 7sharp - and she did great.  With E?  She goes down at 6, or 6:30, or 7, or 7:15, or 8:20ish....  It just depends.  So, I mean, how can I expect her to be consistent when we're not?  We're working on it, flash - two kids are different than one.

*  Work.  Work is cool.  Going back was not hard and I think that me being a working mom is good for my mental well being and general mood.  I think being a stay at home mom is way harder than me working at the high school.  But, with one caveat.  When I was staying home - I managed to do the mom thing and the house thing most of the time.  I mean, I had time to sweep periodically, fold lanudry, that kind of thing.  I didn't always DO it - but that's just because I'm laaaaaaazy, not because I didn't have time.  But now??  I am constantly amazed that I run out of minutes at the end of everyday.  I need a rollover plan for life.

I mean, I get up at 4am at some point and go to work, then I come home and play with the kids and take Kyle to school and (sometimes) cook dinner, and (occasionally) run errands, and I try to at least tidy things every night before it's time to put the kids to bed and then I either veg out or go to the gym....both of those are followed shortly by me passing out.  I mean, when am I supposed to clean the tub?  It took me 2 days to do a load of laundry, another 3 days to get it folded, a day to get the folded stuff upstairs and then, like, I dunno, 2 weeks to put it away?  I have not yet figured out how to juggle mom + work + errands + house.

Maybe it doesn't even matter.

* Neenee.  This is what Abby calls Brittany.  It's cute, and I've found myself calling her that pretty often.  The girls looooooove her.  I feel very blessed that she's taken on the job of watching them while I'm off at the day job.  I know I don't have to worry about them and Abby always has such good days with her.  And Neenee has handled it all so well and so gracefully.  It's not the easiest transition to make - young and childless to instant-mother-of-two.  Just add coffee!  Anyway, it's been great having her around to take care of my wee loves.  Not to mention, it's fun having family around too!  Yay :)

* Yesterday was our 5 year engagement anniversary.

* I like that song 1000 ships that's out now.

* The other day I put some shorts on Abby and she said "These are my shorts, they are Soooooo Stylish."  Funny girl.  None of us know where she picked that up.  She also got a hold of some eye shadow and came up to me with brown streaks all over her face and said "Look mommy! My eyes are just so beautiful"

* We had a fantastic trip to Martha's Vineyard last weekend.  I really do have pictures.  No, really, I do!   Promise. I'll put them up here soon....soonish?  Sometime soon? Maybe?  ....we'll see.

*  Happy Fall!

All right - I hope that will catch me up a tiny bit.  I can already tell that this chapter of my life will be titled "the blur"  It's more important than ever that I take the time to document and remember the details of our days....but sometimes I just get so caught up in living them :)

Monday, September 19, 2011


So, E fussed around 4:20am.  Which woke me up.  I went and put her paci back in and hoped for the best.  She fussed a little longer, but eventually settled.  Then it was about 5am.  

So, I decided to try to sleep for the next 30 mins before I had to get up for the day.  But - my mind was awake and thinking about everything from what I had just dreamed about to photography assignments to what to wear for the day to trying to remember if I set the coffee timer or not.  I finally started to drift to sleep - and then my alarm went off. 

Of course it did. 

So, I got up.  Got dressed.  Took care of the girls for a bit before heading out to work.  I did the work thing all day and came home.  Did the mom thing for a bit.  I also managed to do a photography assignment for that class I'm taking and vacuum.  Yep.  Vacuuming is now blog-worthy.  Welcome to my world. 

I started dinner, picked up Kyle, finished cooking dinner.  We ate, we cleaned, we played with the girls, and we put them to bed.  

Sit down. put my shoes on.  And I went to the gym.  I know I will, eventually, enjoy going.  Crave it, even.  But now?  It's just ok.  But still, I know I need to get there. So, I went.  Did the gym thing, and came home. 

NOW, I can sit down - catch up on facebook and photo stuff until my eyes are drooping.  Then I remember that I haven't blogged yet this year and feel guilty. 

And this is what you get.  A recap of a bunch of unimportant stuff .  I have pictures from the weekend. I'll try my darndest to get those up here tomorrow.  --> that's what we call mediocre accountability. 

g'night y'all.  

Thursday, September 15, 2011

cold cake

So we went to a birthday party for a kid in our playgroup and I was talking to Abby about how her friend,  had just turned 3.   And how another friend from playgroup had turned 3 over the summer.  So I asked her how old she was and she said "Ummm.  I'm two." So I told her, "That's right, but when you have your birthday, you'll be 3 too!"

Abby: "Yeah!  Abby will be 3 too! Yay!"
Me: "Yes, you will.  But first we have to wait for your birthday.  Your birthday is far away still"
Abby: "Yeah.  When my birthday come mom?"
Me: "Well, your birthday is a little bit far away.  We have to wait until after it gets really cold"
Abby: "And I will have cake and I will blow out the candle?"
Me: "Yes, we will have cake and candles, and maybe balloons too"
Abby: "I love balloons.  Where is Santa anyway?"
Me: (laughing) "Well, Santa is at Santa's house getting the toys ready for Christmas"
Abby: "Yeah.  So, he will have to come and bring toys, but he will bring the reindeer to fly first and the reindeer like to eat carrots, but I will have cake for my birthday and the reindeer don't eat my cake"
Me: "Right, Santa has reindeer that fly and he will bring presents at Christmas.  But your birthday is before Christmas"
Abby: "After it gets cold?"
Me: "yes."

So we go home and play and I'm getting dinner ready.

Abby: "mommy? Whatcha making?"
Me: "Well, I'm cooking supper.  What are you doing?"
Abby: "Um, I'm just playing and making birthday cakes for my birthday"
(birthday cakes are play-doh patties with crayons stuck in them)
Me: "Oh, that's cool.  But your birthday is a little bit far away still"
Abby: "Yeah, I know.  After my cake gets cold.  It will be my birthday when my cake gets cold."

So, I explained to her that we had to wait for her birthday after the weather got really cold. Poor kid.  I love that she's old enough to start thinking about it though...and I think she's going to have so much fun having a party this year.  It's still 3 months away, but it's already on our minds.  When did she get this old?

I dunno.  But, I think once she decides to potty train (which will be never), I'm going to stop time.

Monday, September 12, 2011


No secret that I like taking pictures, right?

I wish I would have realized this earlier in in high school where I could have taken courses on it that prepped me for college courses in it that would have set me up for actually knowing what I'm doing now.

But, I didn't.  And that's fine.  I've discovered it now and I very much enjoy it.

Photography is, I believe, the creative medium that is best for me.  I do have an artistic side and I'm happiest when I'm able to use it.  Sometimes, if I haven't been creative in a while, I get really down and gloomy.  Then, I realize that what I want to do is build 400 hand made origami giraffs or something ridiculous, and it's time consuming, but then I feel better.  I like being creative...but, I can't sing and I can't sew and I can't really draw (although I can rock a doodle).  I've dabbled in scrapbooking and clay and poetry and quilling (I'd still like to do more quilling - one day when I have endless hours to do nothing with but twirl paper. ha. hahahaha.)

But, while I enjoy all of those things - they were just mini projects.  Photography, on the other hand - appeals to me on a much deeper level.  It's like the lightbulb went off somewhere deep inside and suddenly I could see that this was me.  I could be good at this - and I could love it.

I think part of it has to do with the fact that photography is both art and technical.  There is a freedom and an art to it.  You can take pictures of whatever you'd like and however you'd like.  But, there is also structure.  You have to learn the technical stuff.  You have to know how your camera works and how light works and how the two work together.  For as much freedom as there is, there are rules, too.  And I think this is what appeals to me.  I need some structure, but I need creative license as well.

When people would ask me what I would do if I could have any job in the world - I'd always say that being a world photographer was high on my list.  To travel the world and capture culture and beauty - could there be anything more rewarding?  Well, it's not in the cards now.  Not while I have a family and a career that I enjoy. But maybe it will be my retirement plan.

Anyway, I'm rambling.

What I want to get at is this feeling that I have.  It's a frustrating feeling.  Spurred by the fact that I am a novice in photography - and yet - I can see that I could be good at this.  I want to be good at this.  I can feel it...but I have to be patient and study and learn and practice and make mistakes first.  And all of that takes time.  And I want to be good Right Now.

I've been self teaching myself since I bought my real camera this year.  And I've learned tons.  TONS.  But, there's so much still to learn.  So.  What to do about it?  Well, I saved my pennies for a while and I built up the guts to spend them all on a photography course.  A four week program that comes highly reviewed.  It's an online thing - do at your own pace, but people love it.  So, I'm optimistic. I have to be, it was expensive. ;)

It starts today and I'm so thirsty for learning that I just can't read fast enough.  I'm excited to try the assignments and absorb all the information I can.  It feels good to have invested in this - when this is nothing more than a hobby, a dream, a past time.  I could have spent that money on a hundred different things that we really truly need.  But instead, I'm spending it on recreational education.  But still, it feels good....I think I could use the word nourishing.

Anyway, that's all for now.  I just wanted to document this.  I'll let you know how it goes.   Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Golden slumbers kiss your eyes,
Smiles await you when you rise;
Sleep, pretty baby,
Do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby.

Care you know not, therefore sleep;
While I o'er you watch do keep;
Sleep, pretty baby,
Do not cry,
And I will sing, I will sing,
I will sing a lullaby

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I just want to remember this.

Last night Kyle had his first class of the semester, so I had the girls.  I cooked dinner, fed them, and whisked them away upstairs for bath.  Abby was excited about the bath - I didn't know if Elizabeth would go for it or not as she'd been awake for 4 hours, which is double her normal limit.  I decided to risk it because they both really needed one. 

I get the water going, I get them undressed, I get E in the tub and then Abby.  All is well.  Then - THEN I had the audacity to put WATER on Abby's hair.  Oh my sweet terrors - she freaked. Just screamed.  I probably could have chopped off an arm and had the same reaction.  Of course, the instant Abby starts crying, Elizabeth is all red faced and tear-ridden as well. 

I asked Abby what was wrong and she kinda mumbled something about she didn't want a bath.  Well, sorry sweetie, we're here.  I washed her hair anyway.  She screamed the whole time.  Screamed isn't strong enough a word - shrieked, perhaps.  She tried clawing her way out of the tub.  I was simutaneously keeping Abby in the tub, washing her hair, scrubbing her with soap, washing E and listening to my ear drums ring to near bursting point with the high pitched shrieks and screams and cries around me (which, of course, all echo in the bathroom 10fold)

It washed both kids in about 4 minutes. I yanked Abby out of the tub, and sat her on her potty because she was dripping wet and I needed to deal with E for a second before I could dry her off.  Of course, This sent Abby into a whole new stratosphere of screaming.....which then sent E into a new tizzy.  I dried and diapered and dressed E, then put Abby's robe on and told her to go to her room.  Which she did - wailing the whole time.  

The *second* Abby left to her room - Elizabeth looked up at me and grinned the biggest grin.  As if to say "Good grief, what was HER problem?"

I took my time swaddling and feeding Elizabeth for bed because I was still pretty upset with Abby and I figured the cool down time would be good for both of us.  She cried in her room for about 20 minutes until I was done and E was asleep. 

I walked in and Abby just looked at me - unsure of what the next move would be.  I told her to lie down so I could get her a diaper and PJ's.  She did.  Then I brushed her hair for about 5 minutes and neither of us said anything. It was just quiet.  It took me until then to not be mad at her any more. When we were both calm, I picked her up and put her in my lap.  She took this as a sign that it was safe to talk again and said "Mommy not happy.  Abby cry in bath and mommy not happy"

We talked about why I wasn't happy and why Abby wasn't happy.  We talked about what caused it and what a better course of action would have been.  When we were done talking through it - we talked about it again, and then one more time.  I apologized for getting upset with her and I asked her if she was happy now because mommy was happy now too.  Abs says "No, I'm still sad"  So I asked her why and she says "Abby's sad because I scared wizzabeff and make her cry too"  As she told me that part, she started to tear up again and her chin started quivering.   So.  We talked some more until she felt better. 

Then, we read books.  She had a stack of new books and we read all of them - we read for about 45 minutes.  She was very happy to be reading so long.  Usually bedtime consists of 2-3 books, but last night, we read closer to 10. 

There was one book about fractions and decimals and percents (not age appropriate, obviously, but she liked the pictures and numbers).  She was looking at a page that said "8%" and she says "Look!  It's an eight, circle, line, circle"  So - I explained that it was a percent sign and that it said "eight percent" After that, she had a lot of fun finding all the percent signs.  Although, she says it like "PERcent"  It was still cute to hear her "read" all the numbers and signs. 

So.  Anyway.  

It was a chaotic crazy bath time.  Worst to date in fact.  And because of that - and because it morphed from terrible and traumatic to calm and loving - I wanted to remember it. 

You Capture

Hi You Capture friends. :)

Somewhere between the end of summer (and the end of my maternity leave) and the beginning of school  and work - I missed a YC.  I was totally ready to share something about peace - maybe that was last week?  Who knows, time escapes me. 

So - here are my captures, maybe stretched juuuuuuust a hair. 

We're not in school yet - but she was so proud of some of her first "in the lines" coloring

I like these water drops - I took this picture DURING a summer sunset.

Yep - also taken during that golden hour.  ;)

Ok.  I'll do better next week.  Go see everyone else's shares at Beth's

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

About 5 minutes

5 minutes.  That's about how long I have until my eyes shut.  I joke with Kyle that I'm completely solar powered.  Well, it was rainy all day and the sun has been down for hours now - my energy is running near empty.  

But, I have a few minutes left.  I'm going to attempt to write as much as I can. 

Firstly, today was my first day back at work.  It was an easy day in that it was just a staffing where we go over the procedures and new announcements and such for the year.  It's nice to get together with the rest of the department and catch up with everyone's summer.  I'm lucky to work in a great district, but I'm super lucky to have such a close knit and capable group of co-workers around me.  Anyway, it was good to see them. 

Abby and Elizabeth did great with Brittany today.  Abby didn't bat an eye about us going back to work.   She didn't give Brittany a hard time about taking a nap, ate all her lunch and was sweet with E.  I knew they were in good hands and didn't worry about them at all.  It was as smooth a transition as we could have hoped for.  The real challenge will come as we try to perfect a morning routine that allows me to get to work on time.  But, day one back?  Done and done. 

Abby discovered her throat yesterday.  After staring in the mirror at her wide open mouth for a while, she excitedly exclaimed "I have two tunnels in my mouth! Come see! I have two tunnels!"  I think her throat looked like 2 because of that little uvula thing.  She chattered on to say "I put my vitamin in my mouth, and it went in the tunnel and then it went dooooown my throat and into my tummy!"  I think it's one of her first real science/biology-like discoveries.  She's been intrigued since.  She asks to see our "tunnels"  now. 

Elizabeth has the most infectious smile EVER.

Abby has been cleaning up more than usual today.  Yesterday?  She actually really did clean.  Like, her play area was a mess, and she was playing for about 10 minutes and came to get me and said "mommy, I cleaned up my kitchen, come see"  And - she HAD.  Like, she had done a really good job.  Tonight, before bed we told her to pick a book to read and she said "Um, ok, but first I need to clean up my room"  And she went around and picked up her clothes and put toys where they go and straightened things and cleared surfaces.  Kyle and I just watched a little baffled and amused and impressed and proud.  Earlier today, I left Abby washing cut zucchini ends (she loves to wash) while I put E down for a nap.  When I came downstairs, Abby was holding a stack of cups in front of a mostly empty dishwasher.  She immediately said, "Look Mommy!  I was a big helper and put aaaall the dishes away! I cleaned them up for you.  The knife was really sharp but I was really careful and the cups are all stacked up but I can't reach that up there"  She was  so so so proud of herself.  Just beaming.  I didn't have the heart to admonish her for putting all of the DIRTY dishes back in the drawers and cabinets.  I just tried to find what I could.  I don't know what's spurring her clean-streak, but I like it.  

My brother had back surgery today to fix him.  I don't know all the details - but I know he did very well and I hope that this surgery helps him feel more normal (back wise) soon.  Thanks for the positive thoughts from everyone.

Kyle had a really long day today too - the beginning of school is hard for all of us.  He got to work early and stayed late and is currently passed out at his desk.  I kinda feel that way too. 

My 5 minutes is up and my eyes are closi....

Monday, September 5, 2011

not tonight

I have 3 or 4 blogs in my head, ready to type...but not tonight.

I go back to work tomorrow after 5 months off and I have lots of thoughts to share on that subject...but not tonight.

I want to tell you how sweet little E is and how funny Abby is...but not tonight,

I want to write about my new ventures in photography...but, not tonight,

I'd like to document our Labor Day...but not tonight.

I'll have more time to write at work, ironically.  My lunch break usually involves a blog update...but not tonight.

I'm too tired.  Talk to y'all on the flip side.  G'night.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

artist in training

Yesterday, Abby wanted to color.  She's been asking to color increasingly often lately.  I'd bought her a little colorable folder with butterflies on the, we dove into that.

She had fun with that....but she was more intrigued with the blank inside of the folder.  She asked for me to draw a star.  So, I did. Then she, very carefully colored it in.  She really took her time and concentrated really hard.  I just sat there and watched her.  

When she was done - she was so proud of herself.  She asked me to draw a circle, then a triangle, and a heart - then "mommy, please draw me a rhombus please?"  Cracked me up. But, of course I did.  And she colored each one so carefully.  

This is where I decide my child does not have ADHD - at all.  She sat at that table probably close to 40 mins just coloring.  


side laugh

so proud of her work

Abby insisted that her marker caps be turned upside down, on their end, on the table while she wasn't using them. 

After her shapes, she asked for a coloring book.  She spent a good little while coloring Boots here.  Her favorite colors yesterday were red and orange.  I can't really translate how proud she was of herself.  It was awesome.