Tuesday, August 27, 2013

things about me

the random thoughts that have been floating around in my brain today.

- I am not good at thank you notes.  I want to be.  But, I'm not.  I can usually do a thank you email, text, video, or in-person gushing, but to actually write something out and stamp it and mail it?  It never happens.

- I would like to be someone who can drink their coffee black - but I never will be.  I ran out of cream this weekend and haven't made coffee since...I wonder if that's why I have this headache, now that I think about it.

- I hate waiting for the toast to pop up.  It scares me every time.  Same for opening cans of biscuits...I have quite the set up in order to do it....it usually involves covering the can with a towel and whacking it from across the kitchen with a broomstick while I cover my ears with one shoulder and one hand.

- I wish I could make all my own food all the time, and that I could afford to buy the best and freshest foods.  But, there is still convenience foods in my pantry and always will be.

- I think it would be fun to get a well designed and meaningful tatoo, but I never will.  Not because I'm scared of the tattoo, but because I am entirely too indecisive to do anything that permanent.

- I don't use shaving cream, or good razors.  Just water and the disposables.  Mostly because I'm cheap.

- I'd like to be someone who cloth diapers - but, again, I never will be.  Mostly because I'm lazy....but hats off to everyone else who can get their act together.

- I don't know if we'll ever find a house to buy, but whenever we look at one - I look for good photography light before I count the bathrooms.

- I need to get my wisdom tooth out.

- I'm a morning person for sure...but few things feel as good as crawling into bed at night.

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Billie Jo said...

and these are all reasons why I love you...and why you are the best BFF I could ask for. (about me, I hate ending a sentence in a preposition but still do it sometimes). *hugs*

We can always have creamer in our coffee together, too!